Chinchilla Bath Sand 2kg


Introducing our premium quality 2kg bathing sand, specially designed for chinchillas and hamsters to maintain their hygiene and promote healthy coat conditions.

This sand provides the perfect medium for your chinchillas and hamsters to bathe and roll around in, helping to remove excess oil and dirt from their coats, preventing matting, and promoting a healthy and shiny coat.

The 2kg package size is perfect for pet owners who want to stock up on sand for their pets, ensuring that they have enough to last for several bathing sessions. The resealable package also helps to keep the sand fresh and free from any unwanted debris.

Our bathing sand is easy to use, simply place the sand in a shallow container and let your chinchilla or hamster bathe and play to their heart’s content. With our premium quality 2kg bathing sand, you can rest assured that your pets are getting the best care possible.

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