Bunny and Guinea Pig Hideaway Box


This untreated pine hideaway box is designed specifically for guinea pigs and rabbits, providing them with a safe and comfortable place to rest and play. The box is constructed from natural, untreated pine wood, ensuring that your pets are not exposed to any harmful chemicals or toxins.

The box features an open lid that allows for easy access to food and treats, without having to remove the entire box. This can help to minimize stress and disturbance for your pets, while also making it more convenient for you to provide them with the nourishment they need.

Your pets can either sit on top of the box or go inside it to rest or play. The enclosed design of the box provides a sense of security and privacy for your pets, which can be especially important for animals that are naturally skittish or prone to stress.

Overall, this untreated pine hideaway box is a great choice for anyone looking to provide their guinea pigs or rabbits with a comfortable and safe place to call home. With its natural construction and convenient features, it’s sure to become a favorite spot for your furry friends.

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